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At last I realized that she was giving me directions on how to get into the vineyard. I called back "Danke" and made my way in. While I felt like I was trespassing I couldn't resist taking a quick look around.

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Making sure not to disturb anything I left with a memory I'll cherish always. Photo courtesy of Dr. Thanisch Facebook page. The food and service at Taberna were both excellent. The pace was good, no long pauses and the wines poured before the plates came out.

I have to admit that my photos of the food were not very good and I did not include them. Thanks to William Miller for putting this evening together and to the winemakers for sharing their wines and stories with us. A big thanks to Taberna as well. Author Wine Unwrapped Blog , I will post about wine events, dinners, memorable wines and anything else that sparks my interest.

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I contacted Jon to arrange a Wines style tasting for myself and a group of friends in order to celebrate my girlfriend's birthday. Jon did a wonderful job of tailoring his teaching to the needs of our novice group. He chose an exciting array of wines from the New World and Old, and took us through relevant aspects of each wine's production before guiding us through the tasting. He gave us handouts and other useful materials that helped us to better describe the aromas and flavors that we were experiencing. By the end of the session, we all felt a new level of comfort with describing and appreciating drastically different types of wines.

What impressed the group most was Jon's highly contagious passion for wine making and tasting. He was friendly, personable, and told humorous anecdotes and behind the scenes facts from his years working in the business. Jon was also flexible with regards to the date of the session, and his fee was reasonable. He is clearly motivated by a desire to share his passion for wine with as many people as possible, and I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you very much Jon - we are all incredibly excited about continuing to apply our newfound knowledge of wine tasting for years to come!

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Our guest enjoyed the tasting and the wines! They called to tell us today. The party went on to 2 am so needless to say, everyone had a really good time. Thanks again! Everyone had a great time and even learned some thing about wine in the process. You put on a very interesting talk and kept everyone's attention throughout the evening. We were really impressed with all of your knowledge. I hoped you enjoyed yourself as well.

Needless to say It was a great time!! Jennie Pollock is a freelance writer and editor. She lives and worships in central London, a gift for which she is forever thankful. A: As long as there is still some tissue attached to the main trunk, it's worth a try. Clean out any debris or loose bark from the area. Get someone to help you put the branch back into position and then wrap the area with panty hose to bind it in place.

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Nylon is strong but supple. If the branch is particularly heavy, you may have to add additional support. If the branch leafs our and continues to thrive, check the wrapping often to ensure it's not cutting into the bark, causing additional damage. Mike : As the snow melted I've realized that quite a few of my shrubs have a significant number of broken branches. What should I do? A : If the shrubs where otherwise healthy last season, it's worth trying to save them. Prune below the broken sections right above an outward facing bud.

Once all damage has been removed, stand back and determine if any more pruning is needed to correct the shrub's shape.

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Karen : I had trouble with insects and disease on my fruit trees last year. I can't remember what I'm supposed to be doing to reduce the problem for this season. A: Before there is any sign of new growth on your trees, spray a combination of lime sulphur and dormant oil on the entire tree.

Ursula Unwrapped Ursula Unwrapped
Ursula Unwrapped Ursula Unwrapped
Ursula Unwrapped Ursula Unwrapped
Ursula Unwrapped Ursula Unwrapped
Ursula Unwrapped Ursula Unwrapped

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