The Tesla Conspiracy

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Rickard starts by telling about the huge success Tesla is doing on the market. One of the reasons he stopped making EV conversions, since they had no point anymore, in his opinion. That happened because Tesla is currently doing electric vehicles that are much better and much cheaper than anything EVTV could create for the same amount of money.

The photo evidence that isn't evidence

That is just the recognition from the critics. What about numbers?

Even if Tesla is still fighting to turn a profit consistently , the company would not have cash problems, according to Rickard. He says it can easily raise credit whenever it wants. Sales have increased percent in four years, or percent every year. With all that success, why would anyone bet against the company?

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According to Rickard, because Tesla is a very inconvenient disruptive enterprise. While the latter is still trying to catch up — what shows the movement towards electric mobility is inevitable — they would benefit if Tesla was not going so well as to not even need to spend on advertising to sell whatever it produces. Oil companies, on the other hand, would be happy to stop electric cars. Rickard claims they always pay for studies that determine EVs are also polluting devices and have enough money to buy technologies just to put them to sleep. This is what he says about the business:.

But it absolutely delayed the development of electric vehicles by many years.

The Tesla Conspiracy – A genius and the FBI

Stanford Ovshinsky, inventor of this nickel-metal-hydride battery died in at the age of 89 still deeply embittered by what General Motors and Texaco, later acquired by Chevron, had done to his baby. They simply bought it and shelved it. Although most companies have people betting on their failure, "NO company in the HISTORY of the stock market has ever carried 34 percent short sale", according to his text.

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  8. Why so many wish that it sinks? They would be stupid to expect to make money against a company that has everything to succeed. Unless they were not expecting to make money. And that is what Rickard believes that is happening. Both with cars and natural gas peaker plants. The main narrative settles in at the first chapter with Kathy Olson, who has just started to study electrical engineering at Western Technological University.

    Her new roommate, Julie Lozano, is majoring in history, but conspiracies are her hobby. She tells Kathy about Nikola Tesla--a genius in the area of physics and especially in electrical and mechanical engineering.

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    Kathy has never before heard of him but quickly becomes obsessed with Tesla, reading as much as she can about him. Julie and Kathy find it strange that Tesla is absent from textbooks published in United States. Could it be because one of his experiments was a car which ran on an electrical motor but did not require charging?

    Instead, the Pierce Arrow car supposedly used energy extracted from thin air.

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    Kathy wants to recreate Tesla's invention; unfortunately, a lot of people do not want her to succeed. The prologue is about Ben Grazier who has recreated Tesla's frequency interrupter. A group of masked men have kidnapped him and force him to build the same device for them, supposedly for military use.

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    This chapter is fast-paced and exciting. However, the rest of the book focuses on Kathy and Julie in collage, who are mostly doing normal stuff, such as getting new friends and rivals.

    The Tesla Conspiracy - was Jack Rickard shot down in broad daylight?

    Therefore the difference between the prologue and the rest of the book is a little jarring. Kathy starts out as an average young student, but little by little we find out more about her past.

    The Tesla Conspiracy

    Her mother died when she was young, leaving her to be raised by her father. Even though she is good looking, she has had a hard time making friends in school because she was a nerd and more intelligent than the children around her. She has deliberately taught herself how to make friends but is still often dismissive of her new friends, thinking that they are only nice to her because of her looks.

    The Tesla Conspiracy The Tesla Conspiracy
    The Tesla Conspiracy The Tesla Conspiracy
    The Tesla Conspiracy The Tesla Conspiracy
    The Tesla Conspiracy The Tesla Conspiracy
    The Tesla Conspiracy The Tesla Conspiracy

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