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In the good old days, the church bell ringing was done by bell ringer. There were fortunately too few of them, and they were not in the habit of staying up for long hours, to cause distress and sleep loss in the local population. Now these have been replaced with an electronic melody and a time switch and can be active 24 Hours per day. Every 15 minutes?

Church Connection is a must in the 21st Century - The Provisum Group

That's excessive. Even I, a devoted good Catholic woman, would go bonkers with that much ringing in my ears.

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If somebody builds a new church next door, I can understand thse cause for concern. But if a church has been where it is for hundreds of years, and neighbours decide they don't like bells, it makes me wonder how well they researched the area before moving in. Personally I find other sources of noise, such as traffic, drunks revelling and neighbours having loud arguments in the middle of the night much more disturbing. The following 3 users would like to thank amogles for this useful post: DantesDame , olygirl , roegner.

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These school bells ring no more.. Belgium, 12222.

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Find All Thanked Posts. Find All Groaned At Posts. Page 1 of 2. Thread Tools. The tiny keyboard holds an even tinier speaker that is wired to a microphone in the belfry. Without it, players could not hear what they're playing because City Hall's thick granite walls block most outside sounds. Most musicians who play the bells have piano training and can read printed music. A few play by ear. All can expect to field questions from curious listeners, sometimes in the middle of a song:. Most enjoy chatting with people who drop by during the concerts, which are scheduled during Friday lunch hours and occasional Sunday afternoons during the summer and on holidays and special occasions the rest of the year.

Some have taken my picture, and it is just fun. Sometimes there is a request.

In Memoriam, [Ring out, wild bells]

The officer answered it and heard some guy ranting on about the noise. He said, 'I'm just sitting on my balcony trying to enjoy my beer [with] all this clanging and banging noise. Is it ever going to stop? Anyway, the officer and I still laugh about it. One Easter Sunday, we were having lunch downtown, and someone was playing 'Easter Parade,' by Irving Berlin [on the bells]. I thought it was magical. Years later she read a newspaper notice that new bell players were welcome. The newest bells recruit is Tina Persson, who has performed on a church carillon and enjoys compiling relevant song lists for her City Hall concerts.

Louis, Louis. About 15 minutes later, they came back and said, 'The lockdown has expired,' and left.

From the great hall to the servants' hall

We never heard what that was about. In these new roles, I attend a variety of meetings and events at different times and often at different sites, so I need to pay close attention to the time and plan accordingly to ensure I arrive in a timely manner to these meetings. When I have an afternoon meeting at a high school, I purposely arrive early, just before lunch ends.

This gives me the opportunity to observe students like a fly on the wall.

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I sometimes watch as students gather in various clusters throughout the campus, engaged in conversations. After not regularly being in a school setting, I have a new perspective on school life. I focus my attention to how students interact and then respond when the bell rings signaling the end of lunch.

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Interestingly, I do not just see and hear, but almost feel the disappointment from these students as they hear the bell. Some are quick to gather their belongings and head to class while others take their time but within the five minute passing time, almost all the students are in classrooms, the courtyards and hallways now quiet. Just moments before not one of these students seemed to be even remotely aware of when lunch would be ending.

Our school was going through renovations, and it was common for the bells to malfunction.

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The Bells Ring No More The Bells Ring No More

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