Cinderella Wore Combat Boots (1Night Stand Book 31)

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After she is successful, Patrick guesses that she is an imposter, but assumes she is just after the eligible bachelors. He threatens to expose her unless she spends the rest of the evening with him. He just wants to deter all the shallow women who are after his money. The night goes well and they part, but he cannot stop thinking about her.

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Not by the packaging, but by the motivation" Later, he decides to talk to her, and drives past her Aunt Pixie's house, where she lives with Pixie, her two half sisters, Jill and Suzanne, and Jill's son Sam. Cat is not there, but he does notice smoke coming from inside the house. He immediately calls the fire department, and rushes in to rescue Aunt Pixie and her little dog.

When Cat comes home with Sam, she finds a disaster on her hand. She stubbornly refuses Patrick's offer to let her and Sam stay with him for a while, and instead chooses to rent a room at a cheap hotel in a bad part of town. After a few minutes there, she decides it is just too frightening. She goes back to Patrick's posh apartment, and stays there until her house is cleaned and fixed.

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They hesitantly go on a few dates, and try to overcome the class differences between them. She assumes he wants to be with her so he will not lose his bet with himself to overcome the challenge. He, however, respects her spirit and determination 46 and the way she lives her life to the fullest They see the Chancellor in the grocery store, and have to make up a fib of being secretly engaged to explain why "Lady Catrina" was still in the country. Of course, then they have to keep the lie going even longer.

Things still are not going very well, until Patrick's friend Lauren, acting as yet another fairy godmother , intervenes and makes them both see that they are meant for each other. After Jodie's sudden death, an emergency c-section saves her unborn baby's life.

Suzanne has always wanted a child and desperately wants to raise Alice, spending countless hours at the hospital with her. Suzanne's mother only wants custody for Alice's trust fund, but looks to Doctor Feldman, who has temporary custody of Alice, as the more stable choice because she is married.

Prince Stephen wants Alice because she is the heir to his country's throne. Suzanne knows that the only way to get custody is to marry. She wants to find "a man to fit the bootie-a prince of a man, with a hero's heart Stephen proposes a plan to Suzanne: marry him, and they both are almost guaranteed custody of Alice over Suzanne's mother Suzanne agrees, not knowing that he is a prince and that Alice is an heir to the throne. When she finds out, she is livid, but sees no other choice than to go ahead with the marriage plan-or lose custody herself.

As Stephen and Suzanne get to know each other better, they argue over Stephen's manipulative ways, but are both committed to Alice's welfare. Meanwhile, Suzanne's mother also desperately wants custody and kidnaps baby Alice. Stephen then realizes that he cares deeply for both his new wife and baby Alice, that his motives are not merely patriotic. When Alice is found a day later, it is apparent that although Suzanne's mother seems to have had good intentions and did not mean to endanger Alice, she is unstable and unfit to raise her.

Custody is awarded to Stephen and Suzanne, who then take Alice back to Stephen's country where they renew their vows in front of their new subjects-genuinely this time. Saving Cinderella.

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When Jill Brown, an ice skater and single mom from Philadelphia, fills in for a friend as Cinderella in an ice show in Las Vegas, she does not quite know what she was getting herself into. Part of the job's promotional duties are to participate in a reality show, a Cinderella contest, where men bid on the woman they want to marry. Jill finds herself in a bar with some sleazy men, and is not at all looking forward to the outcome.

Luckily, honest and hardworking Montana rancher Grayson McCall happens to be there, and, seeing her discomfort, outbids them all.

Neither Gray nor Jill realize the marriage was legal. Even though they both sense a connection and definitely an attraction between them, they plan to divorce as soon as possible. They return to their real lives and time goes by. Now, Jill has a proposal from her friend and single dad, Alan, but she needs the divorce from Grayson before she can accept. She tries calling him, but his number has been changed. So she packs up her son, Sam, and takes a road trip to Gray's Montana ranch, where she is greeted very warmly by his mother.

Cinderella Wore Combat Boots (1Night Stand, #31) by D.L. Jackson

Everything is going fine until Sam comes down with chicken pox, and they are forced to extend their stay for a few more weeks. As she helps out on the struggling ranch, she and Gray get to know each other better.

Cinderella Wore Combat Boots

As their time together draws to a close, they both realize they do not want to part. Jill wants the stability Alan offers her, but cannot deny that she is falling in love with Gray.

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Gray is apprehensive about his abilities to parent a child and shies away from single moms because of it. But once Sam runs to him in an emergency, he starts to gain confidence in himself. Soon Jill and Sam head home, but only to find Gray waiting in Philadelphia to declare his love for Jill. Their love does not just grow; it explodes in their faces Denny, Roz. The Cinderella Coach. Jade Han is the daughter of a renowned Chinese architect and a famous American movie star.

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After a tragic plan crash kills her parents, her very traditional grandparents come to America to take care of her. Now they have arranged for her to marry a wealthy Chinese man, perhaps even squashing her dream of designing parade floats.

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Her Cinderella Coach won her an apprenticeship with a respected float company, and she is determined to follow her dream no matter what her grandparents think. Trask Jennings, the owner of Fantasy Floats, was a poor, orphaned, but hard working boy, whose dedication to his company is his first priority. After having his heart broken by a rich girl, now he distrusts all rich kids, including Jade.

They get off to a bad start, and it only gets worse once Trask realizes his overwhelming attraction and admiration for Jade, especially when he knows she is "intended" for someone else. She gets a new haircut right before they attend the Coronation Parade and Ball. Together, they watch their float and mingle with the float-making society, and Jade's beauty takes Trask's breath away By the end of Jade's year-long apprenticeship, it is obvious that her arranged marriage will not be happening and that she must deal with her blossoming relationship with Trask.

An unfortunate accident lands Trask in the hospital, but Jade saves his company single-handedly Finally, they both realized they are only meant for each other. When Mary Ellen Spencer and Skip Toland went to high school together, she was overweight, plain and awkward. She dreamed of being transformed like Cinderella into her imaginary alter ego Mariel, who was svelte and elegant 8.

But after her father was arrested for embezzling money at Skip's uncle's company, Mary Ellen moved away and did not see Skip again until after her divorce when she was thirty, when she started working as an assistant in his company. Even then, he does not recognize who she is, which was fine with her. She does not believe in fairy tales anymore anyway 19, After she wins a million dollars in a contest she refers to as her "fairy godmother" 56 , Mary Ellen decides to grow up.

She loses weight, goes back to school, runs a children's center to help troubled kids and is determined to clear her father's name of the crime he did not commit. She ends up on the board of directors for another school, of which Skip is the chairman. But even after all the changes in her life, she still feels like the awkward, overweight woman she once was Nevertheless, on a weekend retreat Skip and the newly transformed Mariel really hit it off and begin to date.

Skip is delighted when he finds out that she is the Mary Ellen from high school, who he always seemed to be able to talk to and genuinely missed when she moved away. Mariel is happy: "For once in her life reality was the best thing Mariel could imagine" But when Skip realizes she is out to clear her father's name and accuses his uncle of wrongdoing, he steps back. It is not the time to start a relationship with her when he is about to run for office.

But his attraction to her is too much to deny; it is "mystical" Skip takes the chance anyway, no matter what the cost to his reputation. As their relationship intensifies, so does Mariel's investigation. The press latches on to his uncle's past wrongdoings and his opponent tries to use it against him in the election race, causing a strain on his and Mariel's relationship.

In the end, however, Skip sticks by her side, urging her to find out the truth no matter what, and accepting her for who she is. When they marry, there is "no trace of the Cinderella awkwardness of a girl who felt she was wearing borrowed finery and a borrowed identity" In fact, ever since her death and his move to Wyoming, he just cannot handle his two rambunctious children at all. He calls Ella his children's "fairy godmother" The arrangement is great-the children love Ella and she loves them-until Hawk falls in love with her too.

He is not fooled by her "plain Jane routine" 53 , and is attracted to her animated response to life 45 , her youth, exuberance, sensitivity 61 and outspoken manner 96 , quite unlike his late wife. Ella feels like a part of the family, something she's always wanted since her parents died. The concept of "home" has been an elusive one since the death of her mother When Hawk's social climbing ex-sister-in-law Frannie unexpectedly comes to visit, suddenly Ella starts to feel like a servant.

Frannie orders Ella around and generally treats her like a low-class employee. Hawk makes things worse by giving Ella money to buy new clothes for the upcoming housewarming party When Frannie tells Ella of her engagement to Hawk the night of Hawk's housewarming party, that was it for Ella.

Cinderella Wore Combat Boots (1Night Stand Book 31) Cinderella Wore Combat Boots (1Night Stand Book 31)
Cinderella Wore Combat Boots (1Night Stand Book 31) Cinderella Wore Combat Boots (1Night Stand Book 31)
Cinderella Wore Combat Boots (1Night Stand Book 31) Cinderella Wore Combat Boots (1Night Stand Book 31)
Cinderella Wore Combat Boots (1Night Stand Book 31) Cinderella Wore Combat Boots (1Night Stand Book 31)
Cinderella Wore Combat Boots (1Night Stand Book 31) Cinderella Wore Combat Boots (1Night Stand Book 31)
Cinderella Wore Combat Boots (1Night Stand Book 31) Cinderella Wore Combat Boots (1Night Stand Book 31)
Cinderella Wore Combat Boots (1Night Stand Book 31) Cinderella Wore Combat Boots (1Night Stand Book 31)
Cinderella Wore Combat Boots (1Night Stand Book 31) Cinderella Wore Combat Boots (1Night Stand Book 31)

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