Bourbon Street - tome 2 - Tournée dadieux (French Edition)

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On 14 September he entered Moscow. But what might have been supposed to be one of his greatest triumphs, turned out to be his downfall. The Russians had evacuated the city, withdrawing also the civic authorities but leaving behind them a small detachment charged with firing the city. Composed mainly of wooden buildings, Moscow was burnt almost completely to the ground. Napoleon was left with no choice but to retreat along the same route he had taken to reach the city and which had been denuded of supplies, including fodder for the horses.

After almost ten years, the tide of war had turned. To read previous posts in this series, click on The Regency Decade in the list of categories on the right and scroll down. About two thousand guests were invited to this sumptuous feast, where a real stream purled between floral banks down the length of the main table, affording those privileged to sit there with glimpses of the silver and gold fish that swam therein.

So keen was he to display this magnificence that for three days afterwards, tickets were issued permitting visitors to visit Carlton House On the final day some thirty-thousand availed themselves of this privilege. Pray get me a glass of brandy.

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In , the princess lived with her mother at Kensington. In November however, the Prince Regent is recorded as leading off the dance with his daughter at a party given by the Duchess of York at Oatlands. This injury required him to recuperate at Oatlands for almost a month. Nobody believed in the sprain; the most popular story being that he had grossly insulted Lady Yarmouth at the ball and been soundly thrashed by her husband.

At the same time there was unrest among the working classes, in particular among the textile workers of Nottingham many of whom had lost their employment, partly because of a decrease in demand and partly due to the introduction of labour-saving automated looms and knitting machines. But just as the protestors were unsuccessful in blocking the march of technology, so were the authorities unable to prevent workers from continuing to fight for better pay and working conditions.

Although it would take a century, eventually Labour would replace the Whigs by then known as the Liberals as one of the two major parties in the UK parliament. One significant event in passed without fanfares of any sort. I have had two sheets to correct, but the last only brings us to W. On the continent, the French and allied troops warred in Spain, here a victory and there a defeat with the year ending in stalemate. I write Regency novels. This is shorthand for saying I write historical novels set in England in the second decade of the nineteenth century, a time of unprecedented change that continues to affect our modern lives.

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In this series of blogs, we will look behind the scenes to discover what makes this decade tick. Let us start with a snapshot of the UK on 31 December All was not well in the island kingdom. Having lapsed in and out of insanity for over two decades, King George III, sober paterfamilias, was finally deemed incapable of undertaking any affairs of state.

Preparations were set in train to appoint as Regent his eldest son and heir, the affable, extravagant and adulterous Prince of Wales. The country had been at war with France since Across the English Channel, the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte had consolidated his hold on the European Continent; his sphere of influence extending west across the Iberian Peninsula, north into Sweden where one of his generals, Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, had been elected crown prince, and eastwards through modern Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary and Poland to the borders of the Russian and Ottoman Empires.

The only ray of light was provided by Lord Wellington whose Peninsular army was driving that of the French General Massena out of Portugal and into Spain. Back at home, the bulk of wealth, power and influence lay in the hands of the aristocracy and landed gentry who also controlled the established Church of England, the universities and the military and legal professions. In a study carried out two years later, in , these classes made up 7.

Unsurprisingly, they resisted any attempts to reform a system that worked well for them but not so well for the rest of the country.

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Apart from formal Court dress which remained unchanged as long as the elderly Queen Charlotte was alive, the vast skirts and cumbersome hoops of the previous century had yielded to the classical styles copied from revolutionary and imperial France while gentlemen had abandoned their silks and brocades for boots, buckskin breeches and riding coats. Did these lighter, looser clothes lead to a lighter, looser way of life? The Regency was certainly one of the great party decades. Perhaps this was due to the shift in the dates of the London Season, the months that the upper classes spent in London while Parliament was sitting.

Every peer had a seat in the House of Lords and where the noble families led, others followed. During the 18th century Parliament had sat from November to May. From onwards, the opening of Parliament veered towards February and the session extended into July or even August. Night was turned into day. Eight p. Over the coming months, we shall experience the highs and lows of the Regency year by year. I hope you will join me and look forward to your comments.

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Some of these songs may be familiar from sessions in an Irish pub, from film soundtracks, from school choir, early music lessons or from old recordings of parlour music but two hundred years ago Moore's Irish Melodies were heard in every Regency drawing-room and parlour. U nrest was brewing in Ireland. Moore, who was sympathetic to the cause of the United Irishmen, was confined with Illness when rebellion broke out in It was an immediate hit and within a month the poet had been introduced to the Prince himself.

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When he commenced, every breath was almost hushed, lest a note should be lost. Eliza Rennie. He appears to have had the knack of seeming to improvise his accompaniment, creating an extraordinary intimacy and bond with his listeners. His delivery of the words rich and delicious……..

William Gardiner. And this was no fly-by-night success. In his prefatory letter to Volume III of the Melodies, Moore wrote, It has been said that the tendency of this publication is mischievous, and that I have chosen these airs but as a vehicle of dangerous politics……To those who identify nationality with treason, and who see, in every effort for Ireland, a system of hostility towards England—to those, too, who nursed in the gloom of prejudice, are alarmed by the faintest gleam of liberality that threatens to disturb their darkness…….

To such men I shall not deign to apologize for the warmth of any political sentiment, which may occur in these pages.

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Chloe, Ann and Cynthia were gathered around the pianoforte, comparing music and trying snatches of melody. Their voices blended charmingly and, when they finished with a poignant yet defiant rendition of The Minstrel Boy there was heartfelt applause and congratulations. I have selected two which to me best convey his original intention.

Breathe not his Name are from the five volume set of his works published in Paris by Galignani in which includes the lyrics of volumes 1 to VII of the Melodies. Thank you for visiting my web-site.

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Composed in the s for Pope Urban VIII, it soon became famous for its ethereal ornamentation but for almost a hundred and fifty years succeeding popes and papal musicians jealously guarded the score. Miss Wilmot was a young Irish woman who accompanied Lord and Lady Mount Cashell on their tour of the Continent in during the brief peace with revolutionary France.

Her journal, edited by Thomas U Sadleir M. Here is what she says—spelling, punctuation etc are as in the original. This ceremony[ Tenebrae ] coming late in the evening, every Lady is drest in deep mourning with a black veil, and is handed into the place set apart for her, the gentlemen sitting at the opposite side. There are many recordings of the Miserere available. Here is a short extract which I have chosen because it was recorded in the Sistine Chapel and shows some of the frescos. Unusually, the article was not accompanied by a portrait of the prince but of Princess Charlotte and the editors lost no time in coming to the point.

We are to present our readers with a demi-official announcement of a proposed alliance which, it is said, will be instantly submitted for the approval of Parliament. It is confidently stated that a matrimonial arrangement has actually taken place, in behalf of the presumptive heiress of the British throne, on the one part,—and a Prince of the house of Saxe-Cobourg on the other.

Royal Wedding Fever had broken out.

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The robe the pink overdress is worn over a white satin slip flounced with crape and finished with blond. The headdress is described as a bridal veil, fastened with a brooch of pearl and pink topazes. None of this items had anything to do with the national dress of the Cobourg inhabitants right but, then as now, a royal connection could only be beneficial to a dress designer. A fine work it may be, but it certainly suggests that he is much older than twenty-six! The date of the wedding was 2 May. But that is not all.

Bourbon Street - tome 2 - Tournée dadieux (French Edition) Bourbon Street - tome 2 - Tournée dadieux (French Edition)
Bourbon Street - tome 2 - Tournée dadieux (French Edition) Bourbon Street - tome 2 - Tournée dadieux (French Edition)
Bourbon Street - tome 2 - Tournée dadieux (French Edition) Bourbon Street - tome 2 - Tournée dadieux (French Edition)
Bourbon Street - tome 2 - Tournée dadieux (French Edition) Bourbon Street - tome 2 - Tournée dadieux (French Edition)
Bourbon Street - tome 2 - Tournée dadieux (French Edition) Bourbon Street - tome 2 - Tournée dadieux (French Edition)
Bourbon Street - tome 2 - Tournée dadieux (French Edition) Bourbon Street - tome 2 - Tournée dadieux (French Edition)

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