A Gift of Wings (The Light-Bringer Series Book 1)

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Wings of Fire

Steven Hinckley. Shaleem Hosein. Comes in a jewel case with a 20 pages full illustrated booklet. Includes all lyrics, individual photos members and a painting for each of the seven songs. All artworks and design by Auraeon. Purchasable with gift card.

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The Infinite Stars of Creation The Sword of Crystalline Light The Fire of Life and Death The Sundering Hammer of Earths The Crushing Thunderbolt of Skies The Emerald Pearl of the Oceans The Scepter of Fundamental Darkness Second full-length album of The Lightbringer. Includes a 20 pages full illustrated booklet. Heptanity is a concept album where each of the songs or chapters takes the form of a hymn that celebrates the might of the seven primordial divinities and their power.

Laken Cane: Lightbringer, Silverlight Final Book

The Heptanity symbolizes the alliance of the seven Gods in one omnipotent entity, creating the material dimension of Existence. Tags darkness fire heptanity light metal oceans quebec city stars black metal fantasy melodic power metal symphonic Canada. The Lightbringer recommends:. The Lightbringer go to album. MorKroM go to album. Bandcamp Album of the Day Feb 14, go to album. On Bandcamp Radio. Seriously right now! Brent weeks is my now my favorite author i will forever read anything he writes, he's that damn good!

Everything from the plot, to the battles, to the romance, to the double crosses, to the humor, i mean everything is so good it's hard to believe it's one person writing so many different things so incredibly well. Read this book, you will enjoy it i promise. Give Brent Weeks a few pages and he'll give you a helluva ride! And why are you still reading this go read the Night Angel trilogy and then pre-order Perfect Shadow! Some people find Kip relatable, I on the other hand find that Kip's constant second guessing and detestably low self esteem to be annoying.

I also found the fact that kip was fat and out of shape of particular irritance; call me old fashioned but i think hero's should be at least in some semblance of physical health. All the other characters i throughly enjoyed reading. All in all its a great book the only drawback is the aforementioned problems with the protagonist.

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Anonymous 3 months ago When an author can make you love and hate, root for and against, the same character across the pages of his series and END the series in a completely satisfying way, even if a favorite character is lost Well I want more! And that is Brent Weeks!

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago I haven't been able to really dive into a fantasy series since I read Harry Potter when I was a kid. This is like that but for a more grown up crowd. I thoroughly enjoyed the 1st book and have already purchased the second. It became unnecessarily complicated and was all-too-often bogged down in long-winded lectures and technical details about how it functions.

I kept visualizing everything in brightly colored plastic. Kip is raised in a backwater village but says and does things more suitable to someone better educated and older unless he's whining about things, which also happens a lot. Gavin seems to try very hard to be likable and good, but he is also extremely arrogant. I like the idea of him, but he doesn't seem to fulfill the potential.


Karris's character suffers for the slow uncovering of her relationship with the Guile brothers, leaving her feeling, at best, unfinished. The writing style tended toward the awkward and repetitious. The story itself is engaging, but not enough to make me want to pick up the second in the series. I'm still wondering what the title has to do with the book. Its magic system is imaginative and unique.

The world created was good also. I wish a little more work went into the characters though. But a really good book. His entire village is being razed to the ground and his friends are dying around him. He's backed into a corner when he suddenly discovers he can draft green. He wins free and runs for it. Meanwhile we meet the Prism. The most powerful drafter of color magic all the colors in the world, and leader of the Chromeria, the college for drafters.

He's got his problems too. The fellow razing Kip's town has declared himself King and is beginning a rebellion, not only of the people, but of the magic drafters from that land as well. The Black Prism is a beautifully crafted novel. The characters are all complex and deeply drawn, each with flaws and failures, each conflicted and insecure deep down. Even the bad guys are complex and interesting.

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The magic is imaginative and creative, wtih magical workers 'drafting' colors of magic each with its own properties and limitations. I cared deeply about the characters, laughed and worried and cheered. Highly recommended! Can't wait for the next book! Lavinient on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago I liked this one. Some of the dialogue was awkward or too silly, and the magic system was a little hard for me to imagine at times.

But I liked the world building and the characters. I was surprised how much I enjoyed Kip. He is a clumsy, always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, overweight teenager, but I found him endearing and hope his character gets a chance to grow in this series. I also enjoyed Gavin's scheming and plotting character, and I wonder how he will handle the circumstances the author left him at the end of this book. The plot surprised me in a few places, and I love being surprised, so another positive for me. As I said the magic system was a little hard to imagine at times, but I still thought it very creative and refreshing.

So I am giving it a solid 4 stars and look forward to the next book in this series. The Black Prism wasn't a bad book by any means, but there were still several things about it that kept me from getting into it completely. First of all, the magic system. Based on chromaturgy, it's one of the more interesting and unique magic systems I've ever encountered in fantasy novels.

The people who can harness light, called drafters, can create a substance from it called luxin which can take on different colors of their spectrum. Each color has unique properties, like blue is hard and strong, green is flexible and springy, orange is slick and slippery etc, so drafters can create many different things out of luxin. As unique as this system is, it was also very difficult for me to visualize. I can't help but picture these luxin constructions as pieces of plastic, transparent and looking quite tacky in this world.

When I read about the tall buildings made of luxin in the Chromeria city and the characters walking around in it, all I could think about was those colorful plastic hamster cages you can buy at petstores with all those tubes you can add to it to make it a funhouse. It's not the book, it's me.

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But that kinda ruined the effect it was going for, to say the least. I also didn't really like the way Weeks jumped from point-of-view to point-of-view at the beginning of the novel. I'm normally okay with authors switching between characters, but he did it in a distracting way, sometimes cutting off chapters right in the middle of a scene in a way that doesn't really make sense to me. To illustrate how I felt, it was like watching someone start to take a jump, then having the scene change mid-jump to follow the actions of another character, only to return after a while to the original character to watch them land.

It didn't happen to me so much near the end, but usually pacing at the beginning of a novel is critical for me, and so that took a bit away from my initial enjoyment. What ultimately kept me from being being truly absorbed into the story, however, was the difficult time I had trying to connect to the characters. For one, I just don't understand Kip at all.

I know he's supposed to be an awkward boy, given his life and what happens to him in the novel, but I felt uncomfortable about him on a whole other level. His awkwardness felt forced and superficial; one moment he's scared and meek, and another he's full of sass and sarcasm. I get how that whole saying-the-wrong-thing-at-the-wrong-time is supposed to work for him, but unfortunately that always seems to come at the most inopportune times in the novel in a way I don't think was intended.

Several times I felt myself getting really into the action and events of the book, only to have that atmosphere completely shattered by something totally inappropriate Kip says to try to be funny The other characters are a little bit better, even though I noticed Weeks has a habit of making everyone "grin" a lot -- a habit I've notice from several other authors, which can get really maddening.

I like Gavin and am intrigued by what his big secret will mean for his character and his future. Liv was another character that I wish had had more depth, but by the end of the novel she had chosen a path I didn't expect so I'm looking forward to see how things turn out for her.

A Gift of Wings (The Light-Bringer Series Book 1) A Gift of Wings (The Light-Bringer Series Book 1)
A Gift of Wings (The Light-Bringer Series Book 1) A Gift of Wings (The Light-Bringer Series Book 1)
A Gift of Wings (The Light-Bringer Series Book 1) A Gift of Wings (The Light-Bringer Series Book 1)
A Gift of Wings (The Light-Bringer Series Book 1) A Gift of Wings (The Light-Bringer Series Book 1)
A Gift of Wings (The Light-Bringer Series Book 1) A Gift of Wings (The Light-Bringer Series Book 1)
A Gift of Wings (The Light-Bringer Series Book 1) A Gift of Wings (The Light-Bringer Series Book 1)
A Gift of Wings (The Light-Bringer Series Book 1) A Gift of Wings (The Light-Bringer Series Book 1)
A Gift of Wings (The Light-Bringer Series Book 1) A Gift of Wings (The Light-Bringer Series Book 1)
A Gift of Wings (The Light-Bringer Series Book 1)

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