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Young people, as Pope Francis has repeatedly declared, are the ones who open the door of hope at a time of crisis, and that the Church, which does not dare to open up new ways, is governed by aging. Therefore, the Church must encourage young people to engage in social work and the political field in order to build peace, justice and active participation in the service of people in our societies. To form the faithful at all their categories, we need new programs that are different from the previous ones.

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Programs that sound philanthropic, and deals with profound Christianity far from the superficiality and routine. Faith is a relationship of love and sincerity, not information to be learned by heart.

Faith is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, who we love, admire, adore and proceed with joy to tell others about what we have experienced see the text of Emmaus disciples, Luke This sustainable formation takes place through the development of comprehensible programs for catechism: word and meaning , train an efficient team, and an appropriate environment. Therefore, we need a pastoral center in our parishes halls, meeting rooms, playgrounds, stadium, art arena media facilities. We will achieve that in Baghdad.

In such formation project, the liturgy has the priority, in order to prepare faithful by providing courses for those who are going to be baptized, having their first communion, getting married, and for families.

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However, celebrating the mass on Sundays and feasts; as well as the daily morning and evening prayers; and special texts for children, youth and elderlies, are not less important. Hence, liturgy is the occasion in which we learn our faith and practice it on daily life.

Capturing The Power of Perspective

I would like here to urge all our dioceses to form committees that could be in charge with all these aspects and prepare such important celebrations. Accordingly, I sincerely encourage our priests and deacons to pay attention to these aspects and others, such as organizing special prayers: such as, prayer of the heart, silent prayer, spontaneous prayer, the rosary and other prayers exercised by the confraternities.

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  6. All this requires a quick movement of renewal, programming and effort. The world is moving forward, and the Church must keep progressing and move to fulfill its mission and education. This is an opportunity that we should not miss. Our faith is the engine of our service. When the community is alive, we feel the joy of meeting, sharing and the warmth of solidarity.


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    Service required essential characteristics such as openness, welcoming, listening and generosity, knowing that faith and prayers make the heart humble and open. Therefore, it is the duty of our churches to attract people rather than distancing them, since many who are outside the Church have moved away because of those who are within.

    Adrian Rogers: How to Be a Growing Christian [#2105]

    If the Church in Iraq was not present to follow up on the needs of the displaced people in Mosul and the towns of Nineveh Plain from the first day of the crisis, we would have lost our land, heritage and identity. Moreover, there is still a long way to go, in terms of supporting these families who wish to remain in their homeland, despite the exceptional circumstances they are going through. Here I stress the importance of involving the Chaldean League in this pastoral and humanitarian work, since it is considered as a humanitarian, cultural and social institution.

    Identify the Plan Our situation as the remainder of indigenous Iraqis in our homeland, requires a reasonable awareness of our mission, as a Church, and forces us to put a plan or a comprehensive project that includes activities in faith, society, culture, and service, based on modern standards, in addition to a clear and in-depth vision that responds to the accumulated requirements of the current and the upcoming stages.

    Have the symbols of our liturgy, their meanings, moves and the beauty of its art been explained and understood?

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    This checklist will help you analyze where you might lack in your Christian's life and life in general and why is you struggle more than you can bear. It's twice as important because Jesus is coming soon whether you believe it or not and even though He gave us a little bit more time because some of us interceded very much and because of His great mercy and it's critical to get ready for that time you will likely experience. Note that this is not replacement of your Bible, it's just practical "task list" to check your state with Jesus and our Father God quickly and to identify possible issues.

    Also be aware that most of these points are not one-time events in your life but things that should be present in your life all the time and should be re-checked frequently.

    A Roadmap for Christian Discipleship

    By having your life in compliance with this checklist you will make our Lord Jesus happy, Satan even more miserable and your life and lives of many others safer and much better, I promise. Downvoting a post can decrease pending rewards and make it less visible. Common reasons:. Privacy Policy Terms of Service.

    A Christians Roadmap A Christians Roadmap
    A Christians Roadmap A Christians Roadmap
    A Christians Roadmap A Christians Roadmap
    A Christians Roadmap A Christians Roadmap
    A Christians Roadmap A Christians Roadmap
    A Christians Roadmap A Christians Roadmap
    A Christians Roadmap A Christians Roadmap
    A Christians Roadmap A Christians Roadmap

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